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Welcome to our open-access archival database of faecal loads in South East New Brunswick waters. This project is supported by the Government of New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, Canada Research Chair program and the NBIF Research Assistantship Initiative.

NOTE: In 2021, the contents of this database were transferred to Datastream, an open access hub for sharing water data developed by The Gordon Foundation. This "waterquality.mta.ca" database is no longer administered.

Project Background:

The re-emergence of episodic faecal contamination of Parlee and Murray Corner beaches is causing community concern on the health, environmental and tourism sustainability of these key community resources. We have developed our Northumberland Strait Microbial Water Quality Database with an aim to generate a highly resolved and ongoing understanding of the sources, timing and fates of faecal contamination in the Shediac Bay and Northumberland Strait areas.

Over the past year we have been assembling historic microbial water quality data for the Northumberland Strait. However, new data is continually being generated and is scattered throughout publications, on different websites in various formats or being held by various government agencies. It is our hope that an up-to-date, open-platform, public access database will serve as a valuable resource for researchers, managers and policy makers alike as they work to address the most probable sources of contamination in South East New Brunswick waters.

Data sources:

We are continuing to collect bacterial count data from multiple published, government agency, NGO and citizen science sources.

Please contact us if you have relevant microbial water quality data that could be included in our database.

Contact Info:

For technical support and questions relating to data:
Miranda Corkum, M.Sc.

For additional project information:
Douglas A. Campbell, Ph.D.
Canada Research Chair in Phytoplankton Ecophysiology
Mount Allison University